King’s Hill networks specialises in providing effective Wi-Fi solutions to suit the small business budget.

We realise you need a reliable solution tailored to your environment, you don’t need high capacity if you have 4 employees, but you do need secure connectivity that works with whatever broadband is available in your area.

If you are in the tourism or Hospitality sector, maybe capacity or monetising options are most important. Guest Wi-Fi networks are becoming an essential aspect of any tourism based industry, and the cloud controlled Cambium guest captive portal can allow multiple authentication methods to help you capture the advertising and merchandising potential of the World Wide Web.

See how KHN And Cambium work with fine Hotels in Irelands ’Sunny South-East’

Thats why we have partnered with Cambium to provide a budget conscious cloud controlled solution to in Office Wi-Fi or point to point links that can help keep multiple sites connected without resorting to leased line or VPN solutions. Cloud control can significantly reduce downtime or site visit expense when you need to make changes.

See the extensive Cambium products range here, and let us help you decide the best fit.